Oxfordshire Village House II


Oxfordshire Village House II We were appointed to undertake the spatial and interior design and construction management of this 21st century village house. Walls were moved and spaces reconfigured to allow for improved circulation and the staircase was repositioned, the new [...]

Cotswold Estate II


Grade II Cotswold Estate We were delighted to be appointed as lead consultant on the comprehensive renovation of this important Grade II listed Cotswold estate. The project scope included architecture, spatial planning and interior design throughout the twelve bedroomed house and extensive external works [...]

Cotswold Village House IV


Grade II Cotswold Village House We were appointed to undertake the architecture and interior design for the renovation of this beautiful Grade II listed village house which has been reinvented as a modern country-style family home with connected, light-filled spaces reflecting [...]

Cotswold Village House III


Cotswold Village House We were appointed to undertake the interior and exterior design of this Cotswold village house. The predominantly open plan ground floor was divided into distinct ‘broken plan’ areas for sitting, dining, reading and cooking. The kitchen was designed to maximise the space of the [...]

Oxfordshire Farmhouse


Oxfordshire Farmhouse We were appointed to undertake the architecture and interior design for the remodelling of this seven bedroom house to improve circulation and optimise panoramic views. Crucially, we relocated the kitchen to the front of the house and created a wraparound stone and [...]

Oxfordshire Barn II


Oxfordshire Barn We were appointed to interior design a newly renovated Oxfordshire Barn. Our client wanted the barn to feel lived in and cosy and to achieve this we used moody colours in several of the rooms and bold eclectic pieces to add interest. [...]

Oxfordshire Manor House


Grade II Oxfordshire Manor House This 16th century Grade II listed manor house, untouched for almost seventy years, required complete renovation of the fabric and services and an extension to create a contemporary family space for living and entertaining. We were appointed to undertake the architecture, interior design [...]