Project Description

Oxfordshire Village House II

This project involved the interior and spatial design of a new build house and, in collaboration with the client’s architect, to develop the look and feel of the internal and external finishes.

The result is a beautifully executed, contemporary house spread over two floors, clad in powder-coated steel and timber batons, designed to allow the family to enjoy its beautiful woodland setting.

Each area within the house is subtly defined, using changes of materials on floors and walls.  Texture and subtle pattern have been used also to create definition and change the ambience of a space.  For example, the dark herringbone-patterned floor of the sitting room continues up the wall giving a cocooning effect and the pebbled floor of the master bathing area establishes a sense of luxury and connection with the outdoors, framed by the picture window behind the bath. The large size of the spaces meant the elements within each area needed to reflect the scale, such as an oversize pivot door designed to fully exploit the height and volume in the double-height vaulted hallway.

Open plan kitchen living area
Master bedroom
Bespoke bathroom design
Childrens bedroom and bathroom
Architectural details